Which D&D character are you Pt. 2

Paladin: You are confident, sure of your faith and your mission in this world. You know what you want and you will not allow anything to get in the way of achieving what you want. You do your best to aid others on the way, but you charge in first towards your own goals.

Ranger: You prefer the comfort of one or more pets, and would rather be alone as opposed to being surrounded by a group of people. You often sneak off by yourself to do things rather than ask for help. Often awkward in social interactions, you prefer not to deal with other people. Animals don’t judge you…as much.

Rogue: You may or may not be a kleptomaniac, but you won’t tell, and neither will anyone else if they know what’s good for them. You’re very good at getting what you want without people knowing or tricking others into doing it for you. You either make others help you with something or don’t care to deal with them.

Sorcerer: You have a natural power to you, a will and strength that you were just born with. You were born lucky and you have a wealth of skills. There’s a greater power lurking deep inside you that is rarely unleashed, but is destructive if you lose control.

Warlock: You’ve had some help getting to where you are—some hand-me-downs or maybe handouts—but you are working to be a self-made person. You are in danger of being cut off and being entirely without a safety net, so you help out your benefactor from time to time, though you often don’t want to or barely have time to.

Wizard: You’ve worked hard your whole life to get where you are. You’re entirely self-made, and everything you’ve done was by your own hand. You’re struggling now, but one day, through all your work, you will be one of the most powerful people in your social group. You have a wit and intelligence that is unmatched by your friends or family.

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