When to decorate?

Calasandra Spray (TheLorian)

This week we had the first snow of the season, Thanksgiving is a few weeks away and holiday decorations line the shelves at stores. With the smell of snow in the air, people begin to wonder when they should put up their holiday decorations. Some households put decorations up before Halloween and others wait until the weekend before the big holiday. So, when is the appropriate time to decorate? 

When asking students around campus, the general consensus was that Christmas ought to stay in December. Thanksgiving is an important holiday that values family, friends, and food, and needs to be given its own space to be enjoyed.

“Thanksgiving comes before Christmas,” Jadah Koob, a student who prefers to keep holiday celebrations within their allotted season states. “ I don’t understand why we put up decorations before the Christmas or advent season starts.” 

Layla Quinones is of a similar opinion, “I think they should go up after Thanksgiving because we should focus on one holiday at a time.” She believes waiting to decorate for Christmas “really shows the change of season and allows for people to not get tired of seeing the same lights.” 

Other students had a different reason to wait on decorating for the holidays. Makayla Vogt’s “family is terribly inconsistent with putting stuff up. We haven’t decorated outside in years, besides blow ups. The tree probably goes up around Thanksgiving or the beginning of winter break. We’re so lazy. It’s when we feel like it.” She thinks that the time you put up decorations is a personal choice. She, “pay(s) more attention when they’re up after Christmas.”  

As college students it can be hard to get in the festive spirit before Thanksgiving even if we wanted to. Sarwan Moghmis doesn’t decorate until later because he doesn’t “have energy to put up Christmas decor until after finals.”

Despite agreeing that Christmas should wait until after Thanksgiving, some students are okay with people who decorate beforehand. “I’m an after Thanksgiving person because my birthday is after Thanksgiving and I don’t want it to be commercialized,” Avery Wickersham states. Nevertheless, she feels that “the last two years have been such a crisis and a half that I say decorate whenever it makes you happy.” 

Jacob Heelein agrees saying, “life is so sad. Let people do what makes them feel happy.”

Christmas is a time of magic filled with joy to help people feel better during the months of winter blues. So whether one chooses to wait until after Thanksgiving or already have one’s holiday décor up it’s all a matter or personal choice. The giddy rush of spreading tinsel everywhere, stringing lights around every available surface, and drinking apple cider or hot chocolate by the fire (or fire replica on the T.V.) is a beautiful celebration of life that should be enjoyed how each person sees fit. Christmas decorations are designed to lift people’s spirits and decorating should take place based on a personal level of beliefs and desires.

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