What’s the future of Brexit?

I reported on Brexit this fall and how the United Kingdom will successfully leave the European Union. Radical nationalist, Nigel Farage, was keen on getting the United Kingdom out of the European Union since the beginning of his career in the European Parliament. There will be three ways that Brexit will be resolved. First, Conservative Party Prime Minister, Theresa May, will go to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France and talk to European leaders about halting the process of allowing the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. Second, the United Kingdom will get a hard Brexit and the world stock market will basically take a “hard punch to the gut”. Third, the Prime Minister will have a vote in the British Parliament to hold a vote on halting the process of allowing the United Kingdom to fall out with the European Union and allow another referendum for the British people. My personal opinion is that millions of people would vote to stay in the European Union, specifically Scotland, who preferred to stay in the European Union. Many people were misguided by politicians in the United Kingdom, mainly by nationalist Nigel Farage and his UKIP organization that drove people off the edge. We also saw that the 2016 presidential election also potentially influenced the Brexit decision, due to the international rise of nationalism, mainly in the west. My prediction is that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom will not allow another referendum and will begin a series of negotiations with European Union leaders and the Labour Party in the British Parliament, among other parities to find a way to solve these issues. The domestic politics and the details are unknown at this point, but I do foresee a series of meetings in which the Prime Minister will hold negotiations. I wish the United Kingdom the best of luck going forward.

The other thing that people in Europe have to be aware of is a potential Frexit, meaning France leaving the European Union. France is the life blood of the European Union and so is the United Kingdom. To have both of these major powers leave the European Union, would likely leave the European Union with nothing. The United Kingdom and France are one of the larger producing countries in terms of economic prosperity in the European Union. To have them leave would like be an abolishment of an economic system. It wouldn’t be good. With the rise of nationalism in France right now and around the world, many believe that France will leave and I’ve read a few times now that Greece might leave as well. However, the international rise of nationalism is beginning to have a backlash on itself. We’ve seen the people of the United Kingdom begin to regret their decision to leave the European Union and some want another referendum. France is in chaos right now because of the immigration problems they are having, the struggle with different ethnic groups, their government is really divided, but the term of define France would be extreme division. In the middle of all of this, France leaving would have dire consequences for Europe and even the world. Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, has been traveling around the country holding national debates and talking about the socioeconomic situation going on right now. There has been a lot of backlash to that, especially with the “Yellow vest movement”. Overall, France needs to become more culturally stable, before they make a decision to leave the European Union.

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