What Pop-Tart are you?

Graphic by Anna Petersen

Strawberry- You are as basic as they come. Everything that is mainstream with the culture is something you know about and participate in. You probably know all the pop music on the radio, dress with the trends and generally don’t like to do things to make yourself stand out. But needless to stay, you don’t have a hard time leading your group and making a name for yourself.

Blueberry-  Chances you are a very content student, probably attractive and popular, but with bad grades and a happy heart. You might be pretty and shallow, but you have sincere reasons for everything you do. You are most likely a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air in a friend group whose main discussion topic is gossip, and meanwhile, you are generally clueless.
Red Velvet- You are actually quite capable of taking care of yourself. Parents, teachers or bosses don’t have to treat you like an infant or coddle you, although they still might be condescending. You are ready to tackle any project or assignment that comes your way. Even if you happen to procrastinate, you always get your work done, and done well. Establishments may come to realize they need you more than you need them.

Brown Sugar Cinnamon- You absolutely don’t buy into something you don’t believe in. You are never found to be jumping on the bandwagon as every new trend comes and goes. “Fitting in” has never been a priority. Attitudes are contagious, and yours is especially so; however there are times when you aren’t so happy and everyone around you suffers as a result.
Cherry- You probably have times where you are obnoxious, loud-mouthed and the life of any party you go to. You are probably the funny one in your friend group, the one who everyone knows when you’re there, you’re bringing the fun. You genuinely care for the people around you though, for well-concealed under that sports gear and constant yelling, there’s a heart of gold.

S’mores-  You probably have tendencies to nerd out and be a huge fan of specific things. You are most likely very interested in joining and starting school clubs, and being at Loras probably hasn’t helped you slow down on that. You might have trouble finding love, but once you do, it is absolutely awesome. Your friends probably like you just for who you are, and there is no need to change.

Chocolate Fudge- You are probably a no-nonsense kind of a person when it comes to more serious things in life. When you are tackling things like school, work or emotions, you are level-headed.

Raspberry- You are the one friend who does some very odd things without thinking twice. You go your own way and don’t really care what others think. You most certainly don’t have a clue what a social filter is, and everything you do is ever-so-slightly awkward. But despite these shortcomings, everyone seems to love you anyway.

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Antonia is a copy editor and writer for The Lorian.

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