Dungeons and Dragons

Barbarian: The aggressive, overly protective type. You are a naturally strong person who doesn’t put much effort into practicing or improving their physical health, and instead just sort of looks good.

Bard: The life of the party, master of many things but expert in very few. You make lots of friends but have relatively few close ones. You do your best to lift others up and help them succeed.

Cleric: You are a naturally maternal/paternal individual, taking care of people around you purely because you want to. You are also a force to be reckoned with when upset. You are focused, and a very religious/spiritual person who believes in a higher calling.

Druid: You are connected to the natural world around you, preferring to be outdoors more often than not, and are happiest when surrounded by animals. You are adaptable to the different scenarios you find yourself in, though you often avoid big cities or other large places full of people.

Fighter: You are a very disciplined, athletic person who puts a lot of stock in the idea that practice makes perfect. You work hard at what you do, and you do everything with extreme efficiency, even if it means you miss out on social interactions. You will take the flak for something someone else did, simply because you think you can handle it.

Monk: You are more clear-headed and centered than most people, and things don’t typically concern you as much as they do others. You are all about the fastest way to get something done, and it doesn’t bother you if it blows up in your face. You live in the moment and don’t let things get you down.

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