Weird ranch combos taste test

Alexis Riesberg (LCTV)

The midwest is known for many things from the classic “midwest nice” to endless farmland and well ranch dressing. Wednesday, March 10th was National Ranch Dressing Day. To celebrate, reporter Alexis Riesberg spent the day trying weird ranch combos.

Her love for ranch dressing had her asking other Loras students how they felt on the topic. Libby Perry and Rylee Quillen had differing views. Perry is a ranch lover, while Quillen isn’t a fan.

Perry being an Iowa native dips her pizza in ranch dressing. The craziest food Quillen would even think to put ranch on is her salad.

If you thought putting ranch on salad or pizza was weird, it is about to get weirder.

To start the weird ranch combos, Riesberg put ranch on her morning avocado toast. She rated this a 7.6/10. Overall, not too bad of a score.

Next, she ventured to put ranch dressing in her scrambled eggs. This doesn’t seem that weird considering most people add milk to their eggs. Does ranch substitute the milk? Well, not at all. Ranch in scrambled eggs received a 1/10. She won’t be adding ranch to her eggs ever again.

She moved on to the scarier food combos to add ranch to. This includes the classic peanut butter sandwich and pancakes.

The peanut butter sandwich turned out to be her favorite. Giving it an overall rating of 8.2/10, she might be adding ranch to her sandwich again.

Lastly, she added syrup and ranch to her pancakes. Although this seems more southern than Midwest to her, she went in for a bite. There was a reason she only cooked one because this combo was a -5/10.

Although she might be avoiding ranch for a while, her Midwest roots have trained her well for this taste test. What do you think is the weirdest food you put ranch on?

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Alexis Riesberg is currently a sophomore studying media studies and public relations. She is aspiring to work in digital media and share in others stories. When she isn't studying, you can find her running or work on her personal blog.

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