We still need the Electoral College

This year Donald Trump managed to secure not only the 270 electoral votes needed to ensure he won the presidency, but went above and beyond, winning 306 total electoral votes. I have heard many discussions since Donald Trump won the election about whether the U.S. should abolish the Electoral College and go to a popular vote system. The problem with the popular vote system is that it simply invites mob rule of large states and cities to elect the president.

This year I watched the Electoral College work exactly as the Founding Fathers envisioned. While Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, almost all the votes that pushed her over in the popular vote were from California. The problem with saying that we should base it on the popular vote, because that’s what “most Americans want” is that it isn’t what most of America wants. Most people, especially those in the Midwest, do not think like California when it comes to politics, and don’t have any desire to be like California. To say we need to abolish the Electoral College is to say that all of the large states that would have voted in a block anyway should have total say in who gets elected. Those states already have huge amounts of predetermined electoral votes anyway.

I enjoy living in a country that allows small states to actually have a say rather than marginalizing them. I like knowing that I don’t have to live in a country ruled by the majorities living in cities and states like California or Illinois because most people don’t think the same way. I don’t need to have those places thinking for me. Because states like Iowa actually get a say in the election, I know I was able to make a difference and talk to people who were ready for a new direction, away from the wrong direction the Obama administration had started the country. I don’t want that to ever change. By allowing smaller states to have a voice, most of the country did pick the next president.

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