Vice President Joe Biden, running for President?

Since the beginning of 2019, former Vice President for Obama, Joe Biden, has been considering running for President of the United States. If he was elected right now, he would be older than President Donald Trump, as well as any other past president. Biden has run for president since the 1980’s, two other times most notably, yet failing and dropping out quickly. Biden is also known for his “gaffes”, so that might be something that gets him into trouble and might cause friction in a potential campaign. Biden would also be the first president for the state of Delaware, where his family is quite well-known. Biden served in the United States Senate from 1973-2009, when he was sworn in as Vice President to serve under the Obama Administration. He also previously served as a county councilman before serving in the United States Senate. In the 2020 presidential election, we are expecting over ten candidates from the Democratic side of the ticket, and it’s clear that there will be two people at the top: Senator Bernie Sanders and Biden. Both have a big following and large connections to the Democratic Party, even though Bernie is an independent in the United States Senate. Biden decided not to run for president in 2016 due to his family losing Beau Biden and feeling like he┬ádid not have the emotional will power to run.

I think if Biden┬áruns for president, this will be his best chance to run for president and win. He’s recognizable around the nation, he’s been in an executive position of power, and he’s worked with a popular and successful president, Barack Obama. I also think it will help that he has passed legislation that has been successful and has changed America. He helped Obama pass the Affordable Care Act, the Paris Climate Agreement, the Stimulus, the Iran deal, and many other things including LGBTQ rights. Overall, Biden has the best shot to win, and if he wants to win, he better run this time.

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