Unwired thanks to Apple’s iPhone 7… at least in one sense

At some point tomorrow, if even for just a few seconds, could you please take a moment to commemorate the end of our trusty friend, the 3.5mm audio headphone jack? A moment of silence seems more than fitting as we cut the cord on the simple headphone. Tomorrow, the first iPhone users around the world will receive the new iPhone 7 they pre-ordered soon after Apple announced the newest generation of the wildly popular smartphone.

In the sleek box that the new iPhone will undoubtedly come in, I’d wager to guess there will be a few things: One iPhone 7 or 7 Plus in your choice of five colors, of which none include a 3.5mm audio jack; one set of Apple EarPods earphones in classic white with Lightning jack connector; one 3.5mm audio jack to Lightning connector converter; oh, and one set of Apple stickers, too.

For some of you, the demise of the wired headphone has absolutely infuriated you. You love your earphones, even if they are always tangled and knotted. But me? I’m ready to cut that cord. I’m ready for the generation that sets themselves free from the bondage of wires. Our Lenovo StinkPads do not have CD players, regular sized HDMI ports, or floppy disk drives. Guess why? Apple has, for so long now, set the curve. They actually live by the mantra they preach; they “Think Different.” It’s 2016, and it’s okay for us to evolve towards using newer, better technologies. There is no denying that technology became better when we took the plunge and went wireless. Cordless home phones and cell phones, laptop computers and WiFi, and now with the power of Bluetooth, we will have a boom in the wireless head and ear phone market.

Sure, transitions are hard. It’s never fun to give up what we’ve just grown so accustomed to. Life will go on. We learn to use Bluetooth, we buy adapters, we use the included wired Lightning EarPods; maybe we play music out loud out of the second speaker the new iPhone now has with the space it saves ditching the headphone jack. You can be bitter about it now, but you’ll come around. One day in the not too distant future, you may even find you forget the wired days of the past. But, for today, just one day, we say goodbye to our wired earphones. Music will live on.

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