This Fall Season

Fall has officially arrived, and with that so has all of the Halloween and fall festivities around us. As college students however, we forget what it was like when we were kids, when we anxiously awaited to dress up as our favorite characters and went out trick-or-treating. Although our age does not “allow” us to take part in Halloween in the way we used to, there are many options to keep us engaged and in the Halloween spirit.

Being involved with everything the fall season has to offer can be a way to relieve stress and can serve as a way to create many fun-filled memories with friends. So what exactly can we do to have fun this fall? For starters, one can never go wrong with going to a local apple orchard and picking apples, eating apple cider donuts, or going through a corn maze. Another traditional activity that is recommended for all is to go and find haunted houses to go through. Haunted houses are unique in bringing friends together in a spooky atmosphere. October is also a popular time for horror films to be released on the big screen. Grab your friends and make it out to a movie theater, because these movies are sure to give everyone a scare. Last but not least, even though we cannot go trick-or-treating ourselves, we can still find a way to be involved in that tradition. Whether it is in the residence halls or in the community, get together with friends and pass out candy to the youth in Dubuque, as there is no better feeling then giving back.

As we can all see, there are many activities we can take part in to make this month feel a bit more special. So take advantage of them and enjoy what is left of “spooky season!”

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