The twin evils of abortion and police brutality

Black lives matter. I say that, not because other lives don’t matter, but because society routinely devalues black lives for the sake of convenience. I offer two examples that people tend not to put together, but they both show an utter contempt for the lives of black citizens: abortion and police brutality. Taking these as twin evils, rather than separate issues by separate advocacy groups, will (hopefully) bring together justice advocates on the right and left.

Rapper and actor Nick Cannon stated back in November that Planned Parenthood is founded on eugenics and population control of black people. He has a point. 28% of abortions are done on black fetuses, but black people make up 12% of the population of the U.S. The abortion industry regularly targets their marketing in poor, minority neighborhoods. Every time a black child’s head is crushed and pulled apart, bit by bit, from his mother’s womb, the abortion industry cashes a check. Justify this in a way that isn’t racist. I dare you. Even if we assume the best intentions of modern abortion providers, let’s take a step back to see what Margaret Sanger, progressive hero for reproductive rights, had to say about people who were poor or nonwhite. She was quoted in a 1923 New York Times article as saying, “(Birth control) means the release and cultivation of the better racial elements in our society, and the gradual suppression, elimination and eventual extirpation of defective stocks — those human weeds which threaten the blooming of the finest flowers of American civilization.” Notice how she is not even referring to abortion here. Sanger herself was not a fan of abortion, and Planned Parenthood did not start providing abortions until 1970. Genocide via contraception is far less messy, isn’t it?

I always try my best to assume the best of people. Abortion advocates are not, generally, consciously or openly racist. For the most part, neither are those who deny that police brutality or mass incarceration are real issues. Decent people do not view themselves as bigots or racists, but all the time, decent people defend views with very ugly effects on other people. When an unarmed black person is shot by police, people always try to find a litany of reasons why the shooting was justified. At the end of the day, a black person is dead at the hands of the state and millions do not care. You will never find me among those saying that we need to abolish the police because as long as crime remains a problem in society, there must be a means of containing it, preventing it and stopping it. A vast majority of police officers are good, decent people, who want to make society safer. But yet, I would not call it a problem of a few bad apples. Black people are 2.5 times more likely to be killed by a police officer because police officers are often conditioned to think of black people as criminals. On top of this, black communities are often targeted by police and city governments as a source of revenue. Tickets, asset forfeiture and fines made up the primary purpose of Ferguson MO’s police department revenue. The police department should be an agent of public safety, not a government funded thievery force. The rest of the contents of the DOJ’s investigation of the FPD is just as much of an eye opener.

The abortion industry and municipal governments may not believe themselves to be guilty of racism, but the overwhelming truth of the matter is that they have both treated black people as profit centers. To their benefit, I might add that neither of them has an actual interest in black people being exterminated, but they have no interest in their thriving either. Who knew poverty could be so profitable? But again, I assume the best intentions of people, and I would say that abortion advocates and those ignorant of police abuse are experiencing cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is holding two contradicting beliefs simultaneously. Here is one example, “I believe that all races are equal/ It is perfectly acceptable that a statistically significant portion of black children are aborted.” Here is another: “Racism has been essentially solved as a societal issue/ black people are still overwhelmingly targeted by police.” I am not trying to do your thinking for you. But look at the facts, and look at what you believe. Do you still buy it?

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Broderick Hooker is the Health and Lifestyle Editor for The Lorian.

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