The ‘S’ Word

With the recent surge of Bernie Sanders across key battleground states, it’s becoming clear that the vernacular of American politics is changing. With more and more Americans looking for full time jobs while working two or three part time ones, and with wealth and income inequality the greatest of any developed country, people are beginning to see that maybe the system we have isn’t the best we can do.

Socialism (no, not the Chairman Mao kind of socialism) in places like Denmark, Norway and Sweden, as well as most of Europe, has proven to work. The governments are democratically elected and actually work for the people, not the few (what an idea!). Plus, saying that socialism is un-American isn’t true.  We have socialism, just not the kind Europe has.
Corporate socialism is what got us into the economic predicament we are in now. We bailed out Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, General Motors and countless other massive corporations, yet we got left with the bill. College is more expensive, people can’t buy houses, wages are stagnant, a quarter of our children live in poverty (making the argument that our poor are the envy of the world an insult to any person trying to make it by in this country) and the list goes on.

We really need to rethink how this nation is run. If socialism means that people don’t go to bed hungry every night, that people can spend time with their families, that the elderly are guaranteed to be taken care of or that the middle man is looked out for, sign me up.

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Charlie is a junior at Loras College. He is a media studies major with a minor in politics. This is his first semester with LCTV News. He is excited to be covering news and politics for the Dubuque area.

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