The Rolling Stones: Tour 2019

One of my favorite bands, the Rolling Stones, are going on yet another tour in 2019. The band reached it’s 50th anniversary in 2012 and released “GRRR”, a greatest hits collection celebrating the anniversary. The Rolling Stones also went on tour around the world in 2013, including a huge concert at Hyde Park in July of 2013. They released their DVD “Sweet Summer Time-Live at Hyde Park”. This all being said the La Crosse Tribune announced that the Rolling Stones were going on tour in 2019. The band is now in their 57th year as a band. Minor details have not yet been released, but it’s set to go in 2019.

During the last year, guitarist Keith Richards and singer Mick Jagger, are working on an Extended Play (EP) in New York City, that might be due to be released in 2019 as well. A recent album the band released was “Blue and Lonesome”. A blues cover album from the bands that influenced the Rolling Stones. Blues musicians, Willie Nixon and Little Walter, are covered on the album. “Blue and Lonesome” was very successful and was released in 2016. It went platinum in the United Kingdom, meaning it has sold 300,000 copies by the British Phonographic Industry organization (BPI). I personally think that this is one of the best Rolling Stones records I’ve ever heard. “Just Your Fool”, “Ride ‘Em On Down” and “Hate To See You Go” are all great covers on the album.

It’s likely that these songs did not get a lot of media attention during their time and did not get a lot of commercial airplay and when the Rolling Stones covered them in 2016, “Hate To See You Go” and “Just Your Fool” both reached the UK Top 100 Airplay chart, which is the mainstream chart source in the United Kingdom, marking a milestone for the Rolling Stones. 2016 marked the biggest gap between albums with the Rolling Stones. In 2005, the band released “A Bigger Bang”, it did not sell and was not received as well as “Blue and Lonesome”. However, the Rolling Stones went on one of the biggest tours box office wise in 2005-2006, the box office was over $600 million in 2018 USD.

Finally, the Rolling Stones recently got off the “No Filter Tour” that went around the world through most of 2017. It ended in Warsaw, Poland. The bands manager, Joyce Smith, said the band is not looking backwards and is moving forward. Age is not a problem right now for the band and band members are in good health standing. I’m sure ticket prices will be expensive, but I’m absolutely sure it will be an amazing tour.

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