The rise of Youtube

Welcome to the digital age. Sure we have Instagram, Snapchat, and the grandad of them all, Facebook, but let’s draw our attention to YouTube. Launching, in 2005, YouTube is a video-sharing app where people are able to post a variety of content for viewers to actively interact. If you have a good amount of subscribers, you can make being a Youtuber your day job by making income from the video content you post. You’re able to establish a platform. You can not only gain more collaborative deals with companies, but you have the power to bring a social change into society. I know from the beginning, it appeared as if I was going to discuss why YouTube is great, you aren’t far off. Since, however, with having such a prominent channel, you can also utilize those skills to bring change and awareness to the social issues that are currently happening. This is where the creativity comes along, and you are able to discuss things in various media ways. Let’s focus on plastic pollution. If you want to bring awareness to this issue, you could collaborate with a non-profit and produce a video discussing the danger of plastic and the effect it has on wildlife. You could make a cartoon so that young children are aware that the plastic you throw away ends up in the oceans, rivers, and lakes. Once you’ve created a channel, you are opening a blank book. You get to write your own storyteller, and write your book from scratch. Do you see what I’m talking about now? YouTube gives us a platform to discuss our own interests and turn them into art. So, what are you waiting for? Go start a channel. We are in the peak of the digital age. Just imagine how advanced the media will continue to develop over the years.  


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Asia Singleton is a senior at Loras from Chicago, IL. She currently works as a reporter and producer for LCTV News. Asia is majoring in Media Studies.

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