The real problem of gun violence and who should really be taking the blame

This past week we witnessed a horrible tragedy as nine people were killed and seven injured at a shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. This was a horrifying event for everyone involved, faculty, students and families of those victimized. Although this was a terrible event, it was not the time to politicize the issue of gun control. However, I watched as our President stood up in front of the media and blasted Republicans and the NRA for not wanting to place more restrictions on firearms.

While safety is everyone’s priority, it is repulsive to me that we have someone in charge that is so ready to walk all over the Constitution and want the removal of firearms from everyone in America.  President Obama also went on to say that the cities and states with stricter gun laws are safer and have less shootings than those with more relaxed laws. However, what he failed to mention is that Chicago is a perfect example of where gun laws have not effectively managed gun violence. In fact, they have more shootings than many cities or states with fewer gun laws.

There is so much more to these gun laws than regulating stores and their parameters of the purchases of firearms. The majority of the people who are going to buy guns from a store have no problem following the law. Instead, the problem stems from all of the illegal weapons on the streets that have not been accounted for or are being used for other illegal actions.

Placing more regulations on law-abiding gun owners and buyers will not solve the “gun problem” that the opposition has deemed the fault of those gun owners. These law-abiding gun owners have no control over the actions of those who want to hurt others by means of a firearm or other illegal weapons that have been purchased off the street. The few that purchase these illegal weapons cannot be controlled by the people that are following the rules.

We have always been a country based on freedom and having the ability to own firearms. Have we come so far as a nation that we are willing to jeopardize our rights because of a few who want to do harm to others?

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