The Putin interviews reviewed

Documentary film director, producer, and author, Oliver Stone, completed a documentary series concerning his interviews with Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Many people in the West know President Putin as a thug, tyrant, Czar, and dictator. Despite this, Stone interviewed Putin and asks fair questions so as to paint a non-biased picture for the American audience. News has spread that Putin hacked the 2016 American presidential election between current President, Donald Trump, and former Secretary of State and former First Lady, Hillary Clinton.

Stone’s well-scripted view of Putin, as a result of there being no limitations to questions, addresses who Vladimir Putin actually is. The interviews reveal that he has improved the Russian military and the Russian economy, despite sanctions. His popularity also heavily stems from his aiding farmers in rural Moscow after the fall of the Soviet Union.

President Putin also is known for his unconventional ways of conducting himself in public, like playing ice hockey, wrestling with Judo practitioners, hunting on horseback, and meeting wild Panthers and Leopards in Siberia. But his display of masculinity and strength is combated by the controversy regarding his persecution and banning of LGBTQ citizens in Russia.

A candid and difficult conversation involving the mistreatment of Russian LGBTQ citizens took place in a recent interview with former British Prime Minister, David Cameron. Putin claimed the ban’s purpose is to encourage more people to have children because the recent advance in the global economy is causing a population shrinkage. However, staggering birth rates may not be the only factor playing into the issue; looser immigration laws may be needed as well.

Although a negative connotation surrounds Putin, he is an influential leader to his people and is one of the most powerful men on the planet. For over 15 years, his leadership in Russia has caused controversy around the globe, but he is still very popular among most Russian citizens. Stone’s works to reconstruct the image of Putin to portray him as a good man. After all, he won over 60% of the vote in the recent Russian elections.

“The Putin Interviews” are available on ShowTime and highly recommended by critics.

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