“The Nightmare Before Christmas”: A Halloween or Christmas movie?

Zaebian Machande (TheLorian)

Every year, when the wonderful season of autumn rolls in, there’s a sudden societal shift to which we all fall victim. As soon as the leaves start changing colors and the radar says the weather is going to change by about 20 degrees throughout the day, we all know the time has come to whip out our cardigans, start ordering pumpkin-flavored drinks at every coffee shop we go to, and create our list of Halloween themed movies to watch in preparation for the holiday. However, with this final task, we find ourselves faced with an extreme moral dilemma. One of the most controversial, yet holiday-appropriate, films on everyone’s “To-Watch List” is “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” But wait—is this movie a Halloween or a Christmas movie? When is the appropriate time to watch this iconic piece of animated cinema? Say no more, I’m here to tell you.

Why do we watch movies centered around different holidays? Because it’s fun! Holiday-themed movies help put us right in the mood for whatever holiday is approaching. There are a plethora of classic family-friendly films to put anyone in the mood to have a great holiday, including but not limited to “A Christmas Story,” “The Muppets Christmas Carol,” “Groundhog Day,” and “Midsommar.” Now, from a legit scientific perspective, let’s analyze the holidays displayed in the film in question: “The Nightmare Before Christmas” features themes of both Halloween AND Christmas. With this information in mind, we can use the process of elimination to determine that, according to a United States calendar year, Halloween comes before Christmas every year, canceling out Christmas on a scale of anticipation. This leaves Halloween as a single variable, meaning this film is in fact appropriate to watch during spooky season while anticipating Halloween.

“Oh, man! I’ve always been so strongly opinionated and certain that ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is a Christmas movie, not a Halloween movie!” To this, I say, “Fear not, young chap!” Since we’ve concluded that Christmas follows Halloween in terms of the American calendar year, it’s inevitable that following the celebration of Halloween, our innate human nature will immediately begin to feel the anticipation for Christmas. With that being said, we’ve also concluded that “The Nightmare Before Christmas” does indeed feature themes related to Christmas. Therefore, it will provide the holiday vibes we look for when anticipating the most wonderful time of the year. You can watch this film and reminisce over your wonderful Halloween season past and the Christmas celebration to come!

So, there you have it. We’ve successfully analyzed data on this topic of controversy to draw this final conclusion: “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is appropriate to watch in anticipation of Halloween AND Christmas. Watch it whenever you want; it’s a great movie! An important lesson to be learned from this study is this: don’t judge people whenever they choose to watch a movie weirdly centered around a specific time of year (unless they are watching a movie about Thanksgiving, then you can judge them). Happy Halloween/Christmas movie watching, everybody!

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