The importance for Duhawks to vote

Hey there, my name is Dallas Knapp, and I am the newest writer for the Democratic column. A little bit about myself, I am a sophomore here at Loras and I am a politics major, and a member of the Mock Trial program here at Loras (Go DuMock!). For this edition of The Lorian, I’d like to raise your awareness regarding the upcoming November election for both the first congressional seat of Iowa as well as the Senate seat that is up for grabs.

Students of Loras College, it is easy to forget that while the Loras community may seem disconnected from the rest of Dubuque, we are a central part of town. I mean, just look at where Loras is located, we are right in the center of town; as a testament to how central Loras’ campus is, literally everything in town is about a 15 minute drive in any direction. Loras is not only the center of town geographically, but also politically. Both Pat Murphy and Rod Blum, who are running for U.S. Congress, and Chuck Isenhart, the State House Representative for the Dubuque’s 99th district, are all Loras alumni. Another title that Loras College holds as a political center in Dubuque is the Loras College Poll, led by our very own Dr. Christopher Budzisz, which tracks voter opinions in vital races across the state of Iowa. Given our political importance, I think it goes without saying that it should be the honor — nay, duty — of each Duhawk to vote in the upcoming general election for Iowa’s next Senator as well as our congressional representative. I think it is pretty obvious that I am trying to tell each and every one of you reading this to GET OUT AND VOTE. It does not matter whether you vote Republican or Democrat, just remember to vote.

But you may ask, “Dallas … who should I vote for?” Great question, concerned citizen of Dubuque, a question I am glad to answer. I am sure you can guess my answer considering the nature of this column, but if not, then I will say that Pat Murphy is the man of the hour. If you need a reason for why you should vote Murphy over Republican Rod Blum, look no further than Blum’s new attack ad. In the 30 second advertisement, Murphy is described as an “angry politician” with a video of him shouting at his fellow state representatives “We shut that switchboard down! Shame on you!” This is followed by a pan to the nice, cheery, business starter Mr. Rod Blum. The point behind of the ad was to demonize Murphy for yelling at his colleagues, but I think it fails in demonstrating an angry politician. It instead, I think, it presents a picture of a firm advocate for his people.

Now, let’s put this “outburst” in context. Murphy took the podium after having asked for a personal point of order. State Rep. Murphy takes pains to point out it is his third time doing so in his 22 years as an Iowa state legislator. The issue being discussed before the Iowa House was about collective bargaining and general worker rights. That day, in an effort to curb voter input, the Republican majority shut down the switchboard that allowed concerned constituents to call in and voice their complaints—silencing voter input, and disregarding democratic principles. It was not as if Murphy was screaming at his fellow representatives for political theatre; Murphy was so fired up because House Republicans were denying the voices of Iowa from being heard, something he finds unacceptable for the Iowa State Legislature. See, that is the kind of person that Murphy is; a caring, compassionate, average Dubuquer. As I mentioned earlier, he graduated from none other than Loras College and has always been a part of the working class. While Murphy may never have grown a business like Rod, he has always worked for the betterment of working class Iowans like himself and his family. Murphy is a genuine guy, and his authentic nature can be found in Blum’s new “attack” ad. I encourage the Loras community to vote for Murphy, because he gets fired up, because he yells, and because he gets upset when he knows that his constituents — his neighbors — receive the short end of the stick.

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