The gift of Thanksgiving

Ah yes, Thanksgiving Break swiftly approaches, and all of your high school friends are reaching out like, “Yo, when are we gonna hang?” or “I MISS YOU SO MUCH *insert a variety of emojis*.

You might still be at the stage of finding a ride home, but these messages most likely warm your heart. Your laundry bin is barely holding together as you hope to make it with just enough underwear to bring it all home and have mom wash it. Your food supply is diminishing, but you can make it, you tell yourself. But still more friends reach out.

You are probably responding to the texts trying to balance the best time to all hang out together. There are so many times you all throw out before finally deciding on one, and honestly it’s a bit inconvenient, but worth it for these friends. And the joys of Sarah saying she can’t meet at any of the available proposed times and sends everyone all new options that don’t work for anyone else, are golden. Then the realization that you might have forgotten a birthday or two and those friends aren’t happy, that is just plain delightful.

And then that great moment when Danielle asks if she can invite Mia, oh Mia, that little bundle of sunshine who gossiped about you throughout all of high school, only posing as your friend, she’s the best.

It’s easy to imagine why you’re so excited about this upcoming break.

You finally get home and it has been half a day. You have spent time with your friends, and your family asks why you come home to spend NO TIME with them. And you know from the start that this will be a losing battle, so why fight it? “Sorry Mom, but don’t worry I’ll be here for Thanksgiving dinner.”

Relatives come from far and wide, arguing about politics, religion, and childhood shenanigans. Your weird cousin won’t stop talking to you about taxidermy. Some food item or another burns and the whole family has to evacuate while the fire alarm is meddled with.

Finally the time to eat comes, and your mother says, “Let’s all go around and say what we’re thankful for.”

And it is then that you realize, there is so much to be thankful for.

We have:

A phone: to communicate with those friends who you could have lost to distance, but talking to them is right at your finger tips.

Running water: to do that laundry, or at least have your mother do it.

Cars: so we CAN travel home and places near and far.

Time: to spend with those dear to us.

And most importantly family, who no matter how weird (taxidermy and all) will always be there, because quite frankly they’re stuck with you.

But this family is also your Duhawk family, and Duhawks support Duhawks, have a great break everyone.

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Antonia is a copy editor and writer for The Lorian.

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