The Commencement of Cassie’s Corner

Alas, four years have gone by too quickly and I’m writing my last piece for The Lorian. Honestly I can still picture myself at that first meeting, talking to Mary and Colin and being convinced to take on the role of News Editor my first week of Loras. I was enthusiastic to keep on writing and editing for a school newspaper as I had such a good experience in high school.

I won’t lie and say I was good right away. I was slow, and I had a lot to learn. But luckily, I’ve had some great teachers over the years with a lot of patience. And that doesn’t just pertain to the paper, either. Loras has provided me with countless teachers and mentors, in all shapes and forms. I’ve learned to love to be challenged by Dr. Auge, explore different cultures from Dr. Kehren and Dr. Stone, be enthralled with language and its power by Dr. VanLaningham, learned to always wear a smile from Mick, challenge my faith and beliefs from Dr. Lorenz and Fr. Wathier, how to truly care about other people besides myself even in the most difficult of times from my friends and roommates … I could go on and on. But the point is that college did teach me, and help me grow, as I was promised. But to the extent to which I learned was unimaginable, even by this creative writing major.

The Lorian gave me the jumping point to make so many connections. By participating, I met many of my greatest mentors and friends, by attending their events or interviewing them or just by seeing all of the great work they were doing. A school newspaper is so fantastic because it’s the perfect spotlight to see campus in. Sure, there are times when it’s not always the happiest of news, but it’s still part of the community experience and is still important. But seeing all of the amazing things my classmates and the faculty have accomplished? Sometimes I honestly forget that this is a job, and I am just so focused on being thankful for the opportunity to put their accomplishments into print and help others appreciate all of the dedication and hard work that comes out of the Loras body.

I’m still figuring out my next steps, which is a little scary. But having an experience and community like Loras behind me is such a great foundation to heading out into the real world. I know I have so many people rooting for me, and even though I know it’ll be a little tougher outside of our “Loras bubble,” I feel like the past four years have prepared me well for what’s ahead. I have the same mindset and enthusiasm as I did heading into that first Lorian meeting four years ago, and I hope that I can maintain this for as long as possible. Enthusiasm and passion are what drive the great things that happen in our world, and my goal above all else, no matter what job I’m in or what I’m doing, is that I do something to give back to this community and this world that has given me so much. For the last time … thanks for reading Cassie’s Corner.

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