The best answers were left unsaid

Did you watch the debate? Some of it? For those of you that did, can you remember hearing why Trump’s birther beliefs are wrong? Or why threatening to leave NATO is the wrong course of action for American foreign policy?

The debate demonstrated a drastic difference in our national conversation at the moment. Hillary Clinton stood at the podium with her own plan of action. She was composed, professional, knowledgeable, and showed viewers exactly the competency needed to be President of the U.S. Literally bending at the waist to get as close to the mic as possible so that he could shout as loud as possible was potential Commander-in-Chief Donald J. Trump. I’m amazed at how little he changed for this thing, honestly. During the twenty or so minutes he could complete a sentence, I heard him throw some numbers around while sprinkling some acronyms in for good measure. But it all came apart when starting to deny any involvement with the birther controversy for the last five years, because he’s ignoring what is literal fact.

This is an issue because Americans no longer have the same vision of the country. There is no longer an agreement on some basic level of facts, and that is a huge problem when it comes to politics and government. When we hear about something and learn new things, new opinions and beliefs are also formed. If not everyone is on the same page as far as what information they do and don’t know, then not everyone will be considering the same info when forming their view of the world, either. For the entire debate, Hillary left unsaid the moral reasons her policies were correct. She left it to assumption. For example, she should have explained why she supports NATO so much beyond just their help in Iraq; tell me why it’s important that America and its people have and keep that respect which NATO gives us.

Donald Trump is not a normal candidate for he does not agree with the same basic value assumptions which Hillary does. The guy is receiving support from a good chunk of voters, which is important because, to some extent, his views are their views. So when he asks questions of why we should support NATO, then respond with the answer to why we should instead of how we should! She didn’t; nor did she give her vision of what America should be, so I don’t expect much to change —  because “because” is never a satisfactory answer.

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