Take the time to spring-clean your social media files

It may not feel like spring quite yet since there is still snow on the ground, but it’s never too early to start spring cleaning. This past weekend I had the entire contents of my closet strewn about my floor. It was a daunting process and I got pretty frustrated a few times, but after it was all over, sorted into throw away, donate and keep, the keep pile being hung up in my closet, I felt SO much better. It’s a pain to clean and organize, and sometimes really hard to let go of things that might have some sort of memory or sentimental value attached to them, but in the end you end up with so much more space, space that you might not have even known that you needed. In my case however, I definitely knew that I needed space.

Spring cleaning can go beyond the depths of your closet. Take it to your laptop, too, if you’re feeling inspired. I was in the cleaning mood this morning and went through my social media profiles. Everybody has those old friends that you haven’t talked to in years, high school acquaintances that don’t exactly remind you of fond memories, or shopping accounts that only clog your feed and make you wish you had more money (maybe this just applies to me too, though). The point is though that not everything on your social media feed is lifting you up. Some of it is making you anxious, jealous, sad, annoyed. I thought to myself this morning, why am I wasting so much time needlessly scrolling through all of this every day? Just a few simple clicks could really make my social media pages a lot less stressful and more enjoyable for when I do get the chance to look at it.

Gone are the girls from high school that I used to wish I could be. Gone are the numerous recipe accounts full of food photos I know I’ll never actually make, and make me hungry even if I just ate. Gone are the celebrities that post three selfies a day. It was strange “deleting” these things from my life, but I realized how this little step really made me let out a sigh of relief. We’re surrounded by so much stimuli online every day, why purposely look at and listen to more than we have to? Streamline your sites and feel your smile get just a little bit brighter this spring. And snow: it’s time to melt.

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