Summer advice from a 21-year-old

By Lou Stein

It’s that time of year when everyone gets into a panic as to what they are going to do over the summer. Everyone wants to make the most out of these sunny days, when all of our calendars become remarkably freer. After all, there are only a few summers left before we all become a ceaseless cog in a corporate environment. To help ease this dilemma, I often find myself giving the same advice to anyone and everyone who’ll listen.

Travel: The easiest way to make your summer memorable is to travel. Go somewhere new and interesting to really prove how cultured and spontaneous you are. Unfortunately, we all know how expensive travel is. Counter this by only going to the most photogenic spots of your hometown. Turn off the location feature on your phone and post dozens of artistic and exotic looking photos, like with that one fountain in your home town no one from college would recognize. Everyone knows the only thing better than actually doing something is to pretend you’ve done it on social media. Keep it vague and look happy. After all, everyone lies on Instagram anyway.

Catch up on sleep: Do something for your health this summer and catch up on sleep. There is no doubt that the end of this semester will leave you tired and drained of all energy. Spend the entire first half of your summer catching up on sleep so that you can return to a state of overall wellness! Keep in mind though, that the next semester in the fall will undoubtedly be more difficult than this one was. Go ahead and get  prepared for next semester’s late night study sessions by getting all of the sleep you’ll need early. No more worrying about getting assignments done on time or getting to bed before midnight if you’ve already got all the sleep you’ll need the summer before. Of course in order to get this much sleep, you should definitely consider moving a mini-fridge next to your bed so you can be ready to nap all summer long.

Learn a new language: Some of you may want to do something productive this summer like learn a new language. Learning languages can be a fun and important way to experience new cultures and perspectives as well as an opportunity to expand your horizons. Unfortunately, learning a new language is long and hard work. Actually, there is no way that you’ll be able to master a language in one summer, so instead of learning a popular language like French or Spanish, learn something obscure like German Sign Language. This way, no one can correct you when you only know the very basics.

Get a job: Perhaps the most popular way to spend the summer is at an internship. But if you’re reading this it’s already too late. Most internships that are actually desirable or relevant to your major have already been decided on back in March. Lucky for you, there are a few companies looking to hire young undergrads all year round. With a limited amount of experience, you could be responsible for micro-transactions at an international, multibillion dollar corporation. This job comes with the perks of working with a variety of diverse coworkers and getting hands on customer service experience. The best part is that it has fun locations all over the world! If you’re interested, you can apply for a cashier position today at your local McDonald’s.

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