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Easily one of the greatest movies of all time, Johnny Depp plays his role to perfection to portray a lonely Lizard seeking companionship. Becoming the sheriff of a small town, Rango creates a legendary status around himself to become the hero of Dirt. With constant twists and turns throughout the movie, the viewer is always on the edge of their seat as they root for the hero through his dramatic rise and fall. You can’t help but not root for the little lizard as he tries to bring back the water to the town and save everyone from Rattlesnake Jake and *spoiler alert* the evil mayor. With homage to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, we become infatuated with the journey of our sheriff.

Mamma Mia: Here we go again

Okay, yes this is a sequel, but it slaps. The whole backstory is so fun to watch to deepen the understanding of Donna, the main character, and the casting is insane. It’s so spot on, and trying to find an actor to play a younger version of an actor is hard enough. Also, who can’t jam out to an ABBA song? All of their music is so great. There’s also the homage to the first movie with the inclusion of instrumental parts of some songs from the first movie playing in the background. These versions of the songs usually reference the characters past and is a fun little Easter egg to look for. The actors also genuinely enjoyed making the movie, and that shows in their characters. So go watch this, after the first movie of course.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man is already an amazing neighborhood superhero, but Tom Holland’s performance brings a new take to Peter Parker and to what it means to be Spider-Man. As an overeager teenager, Parker wants to prove to Tony Stark, and to himself, that he has what it takes. It’s a classic underdog story. Not only that, but the graphics and background score sell the movie. The villain, Vulture, has his own theme song that is repeated throughout the movie, leading up to the climactic fight between (spoiler!) Peter Parker in his homemade suit and Vulture, who happens to be Parker’s girlfriend’s dad. Any fan of Spider-Man, any fan of Tom Holland, or even a fan of both would appreciate this film.

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