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Have you ever thought about traveling to different countries to enjoy all they have to offer and learn about their food, language, song or dance? What if you could earn credits and have an internship too? With Loras’ Study Abroad program, you can do all this and more alongside your fellow Duhawks.

Many students have said studying abroad is a transforming experience that they can’t find anywhere else — it broadens their horizons. Duhawks learn to look at the world from a different point of view and recognize points of view they had never considered before. Studying abroad also opens new doors to students who look to make international connections, whether for graduate school or for future careers.

Often the campus community doesn’t realize how extensive the Loras Study Abroad program is. Loras provides students with opportunities to spend their spring semester in Spain, Portugal and Ireland, as well as a fall semester program in Argentina. Through these programs students learn the ins and outs of their new home for the semester. They make new friends and engage in cultural experiences outside of the classroom. Duhawks that study abroad through Loras programs receive all of the same federal, state, and school financial aid that they would normally receive, something that’s important to many students.

Even if you aren’t looking to stay away from Dubuque for a whole semester, there are plenty of opportunities for Duhawks to see the world through J-Term and summer programs. Past destinations for shorter programs have included Belize, China, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Peru and many other places. There’s certainly a place to interest anyone.

Dubuque is a great city, and Loras has an amazing campus and community life. But there is so much more to discover in the world. Studying abroad is an amazing learning experience, no matter  your major. Whether you are thinking of pursuing education, the medical field, creative writing, or any other career, you will benefit from the experience. Studying abroad is just doing that: studying abroad. Instead of taking a year off from school, as many people think, you’re continuing your education right where you ended during the past semester.

Students can apply for the Study Abroad program by visiting the Loras Links website, clicking on ‘Academics’ and following the CEL drop down tab to Study Abroad. For more information, students can contact Loras’ Study Abroad coordinator, Abbie Behrens, or “like” the Loras Study Abroad Facebook page to see what other Duhawks are up to around the world.

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