Spoiler alert: Spoilers spoil everything

It is absolutely the worst when someone wants to spoil something for you, telling you how something is going to end, who ends up with who, or some other thing that you were eagerly awaiting the reveal of. Half of the fun of watching most T.V. shows nowadays is for the twists that they bake into every single show, to keep us on the edge of our seats. Boy, does it work, but only if those twists and reveals remain surprising and shocking to the viewers. It not only completely ruins the movie for you as you’re no longer invested, but it also affects the viewership of some shows. When people spoil things online, for the masses, I can’t imagine too many of those people tuning in to watch something after all the important parts have been spoiled for them.

I can’t imagine the sort of person who can intentionally go on a forum and spoil the endings and twists of pop culture, whether it’s games or television, or movies. What goes through their minds when they’re doing that? It’s ridiculous to me that they can ruin the enjoyment of things and take away the experience, shock, surprise, or joy of an event. Whatever the reason, I thoroughly avoid the internet at times when I know a new episode is coming out. I don’t really think I should have to do that. People need to learn to tag things as spoilers and be conscientious of others who may not have had time in their busy schedules to view the same programs. It really all boils down to beingĀ kindĀ online and thinking about others before you do things that could negatively affect them.

So anyway, I’ve realized I’m ranting, and I’ve been doing my best to keep this vague and not provide examples or else become the very thing I’ve been arguing against. The gist of this whole thing is, if you’re the kind of person who has intentionally spoiled something to others, stop and think about how you felt when you learned what you’re about to spoil. Don’t you think that the people you’re about to ruin it for deserve to have that feeling as well?


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