Socialism is not an American value

Free college, and free healthcare. Sounds great doesn’t it? Too bad that’s like asking doctors and professors to work for free. Not to mention that this would only be able to happen at public universities, sending private colleges’ prices skyrocketing, most likely forcing many to close. Since when did we as Americans become so entitled that we expect the government to pick up the tab? Let’s be honest, though. It would not be the government picking up the tab for all this free stuff we have been promised, it would be anyone with a job that pays into taxes. If any of this stuff happens, it will be you and I paying for it after we graduate from college.

There are many European countries where college and healthcare are free. While this might sound great, anyone who has a job in those countries pays over sixty percent of their checks out in income taxes before they even get take home pay. These European countries also have very low participation rates in the workforce. So, while all of this free stuff sounds great, who is going to pay for it when workers don’t want to have jobs because they are paying so much in taxes it isn’t worth it for them to work?

Greece is a perfect example of where socialism has failed. It is in shambles and is bankrupt because the country offered so much money and payouts to everyone that it ran itself into irreparable debt. If America is already in debt, should we really offer more “free stuff” to those who feel they are entitled to receive everything from the government? What happened to the great American work ethic that used to exist in this country? America used to be a place that valued working hard to earn what you want in life, not just feeling entitled to it.

Over the past couple of weeks we have witnessed many politicians speak on one side or another of this issue. Marco Rubio has made several good points about the education of young people in the United States. Not everyone needs four years of college following high school – a shocking statement coming from a student at a four-year school.

There are many jobs out there that only require two years, or only months of working through a trade school. Many of the jobs gained out of community colleges or trade schools pay more than jobs for those who graduate college after four years. Welding is a perfect example: there is a desperate need for welders, but it has been ingrained in children that there is a problem with working with your hands for a living. There is absolutely nothing wrong with working with your hands; no one should be forced into thinking there is something shameful about that.

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