Social media hiatus proves beneficial

Ah, social media. There are so many ways to share and stay connected, however, one question is consistently brought up: Is social media helping or hurting us?

I found the answer to this question while scrolling through my Twitter feed. I saw a post from one of my good friends, saying that taking a break from social media for a while was one of the best things she’s ever done. Being the curious college student I am, I deleted all my social media for two weeks. What I noticed during those two weeks was astonishing; not only because I went that long without checking Facebook, but because I escaped from a digital world that keeps me glued to my phone.

The first thing I immediately noticed after I deleted my social media was that I was sleeping so much better every night. Within a day, I was waking up much more refreshed and ready for my classes, jobs and meetings because I wasn’t staring at a blue screen for a half-hour before falling asleep. I also noticed that my attention span increased: I didn’t feel the need to check my phone every two minutes to see if I had a Snapchat or a Facebook notification, so I paid more attention in class and to my friends. I almost felt as if I escaped from a world where I was constantly being watched to see when I would post another picture or share another status. It was refreshing to not have to worry about updating people who would most likely scroll past my post and ignore it.

In terms of homework, my productivity skyrocketed. Seriously, I credit getting 100 percent on my South Africa map quiz to not having social media. I didn’t have any way to procrastinate! I couldn’t scroll through my news feed aimlessly instead of finishing an assignment. It surprises me how much I worked on more homework when I couldn’t turn to my computer for social media.

My hiatus ended this past Sunday, and now that all my social media is back, I’ve noticed that I’m not checking my phone as much while I’m doing homework and I don’t find myself reaching for it as often. What I’ve ultimately realized is this: Life is so much better without worrying about missing new Snapchat filters, and getting rid of social media for a period of time is refreshing and something everything should do. Although I don’t recommend permanently deleting ways to stay connected to family and friends, do yourself a favor and get rid of your social media during finals week, Duhawks. Missing out on your friend’s latest Instagram picture isn’t as important as missing out on what life has to offer.

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