Senator Grassley stands up for Republicans

President Obama announced his nomination for the vacant seat to the Supreme Court, and to no one’s surprise, his selection is a partisan liberal who will protect Obama and the Democrats. Like Obama, Merrick Garland opposes the Second Amendment. Our country deserves better than this, and Senator Chuck Grassley deserves credit for taking a stand and ensuring that voters will have the opportunity to speak before a new justice is confirmed.

A seat on the Supreme Court is a lifetime appointment. This decision is too important to be made just months before a presidential election by a president on his way out the door. The next justice could reshape the court for a generation and the American people deserve to have a say in the direction our country takes. This means electing the new president and having them choose the nominee.

In 2014, voters sent a loud and clear message by electing a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate: they want that majority to serve as a check and balance for President Obama and possible Democrats who are appointed into office. Now it’s the duty of Senator Grassley and his colleagues to make sure our voices are heard and prevent the president from locking in an unpopular agenda for decades.

Despite all the partisanship in Washington, there are areas where Democrats and Republicans can work together. President Obama’s time would be better spent setting forth an agenda that can receive bipartisan support instead of making a politically charged nomination that upends the will of the American people. I applaud Senator Grassley for his principled stand that will give us the opportunity to speak again before any nominee is confirmed.

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