Second Democratic debate proves that current candidates are not capable

On Saturday Nov. 14, the second Democratic debate was held in Des Moines. Although these debates are meant to be seen by large numbers of people to help inform their decisions, this debate was held on a night when TV viewing is at its lowest. There was a lot buzz about why the debate was scheduled for the time that it was, with many speculating that the Democrats already have decided their nominee, and by scheduling their debate at this time they prevent people from furthering their opinion about any candidate other than Clinton. However, the scheduling of the debate was not the only thing that had me shaking my head during this debate.

There were many issues that the candidates avoided talking about, but one of the most prominent was their failure to say that we are fighting radical Islamic terrorists. The closest they came was saying that more needs to be done about ISIS in the Middle East. Only saying that more needs to be done isn’t going to prevent more people from becoming radicalized and carrying out terrorist attacks against other countries.

I don’t know how anyone can find a leader in the Democratic candidates when not one of them will stand up and say we need to help lead the fight
against these terrorists who believe killing innocent people is acceptable. I understand that not all who are followers of Islam are terrorists, most are not, only about 0.003 percent of Islamic followers are extremists, but those that are terrorists need to be stopped before we have more violence like was seen in France.

Some of the most absurd statements came out at the debate. Bernie Sanders claimed that terrorism is caused by climate change. I don’t know how one comes to the conclusion that terrorism is caused by climate change, when terrorism is almost always caused by people who have been radicalized in some form and have a desire to carry out attacks against others. Besides that statement, Hillary Clinton made known her plans for free college and other programs. Her plan would cost the United States $350 billion over 10 years, but the U.S. is already in severe debt. Who is going to pay for all of this free stuff?

Based on what came out of the Democratic debate, I have a hard time understanding how any of them could lead this country. Clinton still is being investigated for committing criminal acts while acting as Secretary of State, Sanders has said himself that he is a socialist, and O’Malley has yet to show himself as a real contender in this race. Meanwhile, many of the Republican candidates have proven themselves to be strong leaders, better than what the Democrats have offered, and the Republicans aim to provide freedom, not free stuff.

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