Rod Blum is right for Iowa

Jack Mescher is a Republican-leaning columnist for The Lorian
Jack Mescher is a Republican-leaning columnist for The Lorian

DUBUQUE — As a young college voter, concerned about the direction our country is heading, I find myself drawn to support Republican Rod Blum for Congress. While there are many reasons to stand behind this common sense career businessman, I would like to share insight into his personal character and respect for the dignity of all life.

Rod Blum has an unwavering respect for the unborn and their mothers. Having taken into his family an orphaned young man himself, Blum demonstrates the personal obligation we hold as members of this community — to look toward others to open our hearts. Rod Blum considers himself successful only when he helps make others successful; his homegrown company employed over 325 people — and who earn a just wage, not because the government says so, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Another reason to vote for Blum: his opponent, career politician Pat Murphy. A man who defies the “culture of life,” Pat Murphy recently referred to child immigrants as future “terrorists.” Murphy has taken positions too extreme for Iowa, vowing to protect late-term abortion after 20 weeks. Further, Murphy’s 1930s-era economic principles will only further increase working families’ dependency on government.

This election the stakes are high. So, regardless of your party position, I would urge you to consider voting for Rod Blum, someone who will be a true public servant and take Iowa common sense to Washington.

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