Respect other’s heritage

by Tony Diaz

As September arrives, I feel a great sense of joy, and being born in Mexico is something that I am extremely proud of. So as Mexico’s Independence Day approaches (yes, it is in September and not Cinco de Mayo. Shocker I know,) it is hard not to get excited. However, most people do not know when Mexico’s Independence Day is, and living in a country where a large amount of people have Mexican background and heritage, conscientiousness should be raised. It is important to be socially aware of what holidays are going on around you and when, because they may be important to somebody close to you.

I am by no means saying that we should all go out and have a big cookout on Sept. 16 and celebrate the way we celebrate the Fourth of July, but we all could make an effort to at least congratulate anyone that you may know who is of Mexican descent. This truly goes not only for the Mexican Independence Day, but also for every other country that people living in the United States immigrated from.

I grew up in a community in which the Hispanic culture was always recognized and celebrated, and every year I looked forward the many events that were put on, oftentimes being involved myself. It was always wonderful to see people who had no Hispanic background enjoying everything that the Latino culture had to offer. This is why it is my hope that someday we can see something similar within the Tri-State area.

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