Putting Dubuque’s local tortilla chips to the test


Wednesday, February 26, was National Tortilla Chip Day. In order to rightfully celebrate, reporter Alexis Riesberg ventured to find where her taste buds liked the tortilla chip the best.

On this journey, she traveled to Los Aztecas, Fiesta Cancun, Salsa’s, and Adobos. After the chips were safely gathered, it was time to taste test the tortilla chips.

After tasting the crunchy chips, Los Aztecas and Fiesta Cancun tied with an overall rating of seven. Next in line was Salsas rating a solid six. Following not too far behind was Adobos rating an overall five.

The celebration of tortilla chips doesn’t need to only be on National Tortilla Chip Day. We want your feedback! Where is your favorite local Dubuque tortilla chip from? Let’s see how our tastebuds compare.

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Alexis Riesberg is currently a sophomore studying media studies and public relations. She is aspiring to work in digital media and share in others stories. When she isn't studying, you can find her running or work on her personal blog.

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