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Since the American Health Care Act (ACHA) was introduced as a bill to Congress, Rep. Rod Blum has offered scant comment on whether he supports the piece of legislation. However, on the day after Saint Patrick’s Day, he spoke.

As it turns out, his position is very similar to the rest of his colleagues; dead-set on a repeal of Obamacare, ambivalent on what comes after. Which should give everyone pause, because here is Rod Blum telling us we are going down the wrong fork in the road, yet he is unable to provide us any kind of alternative.

Not only does Rod not have a plan forward for us, but he’s trying to act like not having a plan is a part of his plan. Blum told the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier he is “hoping to hear from his constituents about their thoughts on the proposed American Health Care Act” and that he “encourages people to go out there and give us their thoughts,” as he is “keeping an open mind about the bill.”

But Rod — a concerned citizen may begin — how can you say that you encourage the people to share their thoughts on AHCA with you when you’ve yet to return home for a town hall?

Seems to me Rep. Blum seeks the advice of the people when he wants a way to lessen his share of the blame for when things go south so he doesn’t head into 2018 too damaged for his next election.

Without a doubt, Rep. Blum is trying to shift whatever blame he can onto others. Rod has said “I’ll only vote for the bill if I feel like it’s going to bring down insurance costs,” but he does not actually mean it. If he did, then he would be on the record already in opposition to the proposed bill, because insurance costs will rise under AHCA for those lucky enough to maintain their coverage. Others just won’t have insurance – won’t have access to the health care they need. But at least Rod’s listening, right?

Make no mistake, Rep. Rod Blum is trying as best he can to find a way to maneuver and save his hide. He is no servant of the people, probing for our collective will with the intent of accurately representing our interests in the halls of Washington. No, Rep. Rod Blum is a two-timing politician who promised us all he’d be an independent voice for Iowa’s 1st district but has governed entirely independent from we the people want. Don’t give us these false promises that you want to hear what the people think, Mr. Blum, because your actions speak much louder than your words.

For all the talk about his distaste for Washington, boy, does Rod seem to love working in that town like he doesn’t want to miss a beat of that DC action! And it seems that way because he only ever seeks public opinion when he wants to shirk responsibility so that he has an easier re-election campaign. Rod Blum may not be much of a public servant, but he sure is a grand politician.

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Dallas Knapp is an opinion columnist for The Lorian.

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