Prioritize, people: I want a T-shirt

One of the best perks of going to a small college is that the student organizations on campus have a unique opportunity to understand what their student population wants to see happen and actually have the ability to put those ideas into action.

Loras College Activities Board (CAB) is well-known for this exact thing. Whether people are raving about their fun-filled (and free) events like Loras After Dark, their quirky events that only Loras students would be interested in (Cash CAB anyone?) or the incredible annual Spring Fest, CAB does an incredible job of making the little wishes of this campus come true.

I love CAB and all they do for the student body, so suffice it to say that I was really disappointed on Monday at the pep rally.

Now don’t get me wrong, I thought the rally was great. The Dance Marathon emcees kept us entertained with trivia and hilarious interviews with our athletes and the new streamlined pep had us in and out of the Rock Bowl and teeming with school pride within the hour.

But CAB genuinely dropped the ball when it came to homecoming apparel. With nearly 1,500 students at this college, CAB only ordered 250 of the specially-designed 2015 homecoming t-shirts.

This means that less than one in five students on this campus was able to get a shirt to celebrate their school pride. And this doesn’t even take into account our excellent faculty and staff who sport Duhawk pride as well – and sometimes better – than we do.
Shouldn’t every student, professor and staff member have the chance to get a shirt to support their school? Don’t we want the Rock Bowl to be so full of purple on Saturday that it hurts our eyes? I think so, but with less than 250 shirts (the CAB members were already wearing theirs so we could spot who was working the event) to hand out, students who arrived ten minutes early to the pep rally – like those who had class until 10:50 – were already out of luck.

Maybe they were trying to make the t-shirts more valuable and give a higher incentive to make it to the pep rally. But really the opposite happened – since students knew their chances of getting a shirt were slim, some decided to skip the rally altogether.

Maybe there was a budget issue that resulted in less shirts than intended. But maybe we could have done without the free cowbells, pom-poms,  sunglasses and bead necklaces. Or maybe we could have paid $10 for  our shirts. Even having students pitch in a dollar or two would have boosted the budget by thousands of dollars.
Whatever the reason, all I know is that there are hundreds of disappointed Duhawks on campus who just want to support their school.

But at the end of the day, we can still bleed purple, win gold, guys. We’ll just have to do it in a different shirt.

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