Potential presidential candidate speaks at Hotel Julien

On March 7, U.S. Congressman Rod Blum hosted Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin and possible 2016 Republican presidential candidate, at the Hotel Julien in downtown Dubuque.

The first thing that struck me about the event was the amount of energy that surrounded the event. There were around 50 people outside the hotel protesting, and the actual attendees of the event filled the ballroom that contains around three hundred people at full capacity. To see people on both sides of the aisle already emotionally moved about the 2016 presidential election says very good things about our country’s political involvement.

I realized that what made the event so emotionally charged were the personalities that were a part of it. Scott Walker and Rod Blum are both strong conservatives who people seem to have very strong opinions of one way or the other. While there are times where I do not agree with Scott Walker and Rod Blum’s positions, I appreciate and respect strong-willed leaders who are not willing to compromise on their beliefs in order to score political points. These are leaders who are willing to open themselves up to criticism from both major political parties, and it is this type of person that I want representing me in Washington.

With that being said, it was a great experience to see my congressman on stage with Walker. Gov. Walker has been referred to as the “conservative superstar,” and I think what makes him so appealing is that he can draw support from all the major political factions within the Republican Party. Seeing Gov. Walker has made me excited for 2016 and if you are not aware, it is right around the corner.

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