Peers: Vote for what we stand for

My parents visited this last weekend which meant I got to have a nice dinner with the fam, play with my dog, and enjoy a show put on by a comedy troupe over at UD. All in all, it was a good, wholesome, family weekend of fun.

I got to catch up with what my brother was doing too, and it turns out he’s become more of a  knucklehead—he doesn’t plan on voting come November. Trump’s an idiot and race-baiting, Hillary’s a crook and liar, the country needs help, and my brother Dalton doesn’t see that help in either of them. It’s a common enough sentiment to hear — there’s probably a lot of you who feel the same way — and isn’t it because we want to vote for someone we actually want and would like as President? We want to vote for someone, stand for something, and believe in a cause larger than just partisan electoral victory.

Which is why y’all planning to do the same as my brother on Election Day should vote for Hillary and Against Trump. As someone born two years into Trump’s second marriage, I’ve had a similar upbringing to many of you. I read many of the same books —  Margaret Haddix, anyone? — learned some of the same school lessons, and was given the same life advice by those motivational posters which decorated school classrooms all over. We’re a bunch who are more likely to have mixed-race friendships, mixed-race significant others, and more likely to travel the world than our parents and grandparents. The multicultural dream about which Dr. King spoke is more evident today than it was in times before.

Donald Trump is antithetical to every part of this dream; he represents a stand against multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism, and wants to take this country back to make it great again! Not to beat a dead horse, but he spoke recently at a rally and talked a bit about Hillary’s deplorable comment. Speaking directly at the racists, islamophobes, homophobes, and bigots of America, Trump said, “While my opponent slanders you as deplorable and irredeemable, I call you hardworking American patriots.” What’s more, his very campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” is a call for a restoration of some golden time in America’s past — a past which didn’t care for multiculturalism, a past which divided the American experience by race. If you watched any part of the Republican National Convention, then you have probably deduced this already.

We, as a generation, have a responsibility to reject the core promise of Trump’s campaign. His values are not our values and the two are irreconcilable with one another. Donald is inseparable from the racist values embedded within his campaign. He wouldn’t have made an appeal to the racists of America otherwise! Therefore, it is up to us — millennials — to reject totally and completely the dark strain of racial hatred which has marred our country’s past.  Like no generation before us, we represent the  famous line in our Constitution that says “All men are created equal,” and progress towards that lofty end must not stop now. So, to those that are thinking about staying home instead of voting, ask yourself this: do I want to live in Donald Trump’s America? If not, vote.

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