Party Before People: Paul Ryan and the AHCA

I know that he thinks he is right, and it’s a position with which I think we can all sympathize. It is thinking you have the best way forward and putting your thesis to paper and turning it in for what you thought was a job well done, but getting a D+ back. Paul Ryan is learning life comes at you fast, just as we are learning that the Speaker of the House — who must live high above our heads inside an ivory tower designed by John Gault — would rather see people lose healthcare coverage than be able to afford access to a doctor.

The man thinks government is so bad that he’s willing to make people’s lives worse to make his point. Some guy, huh?

In 2026 an estimated 52 million people would be without health insurance. Under the current law, that number would fall to 28 million. The American Health Care Act is blatantly bad legislation which is — quite literally — harmful to the well-being of the American people. People are alive because of the impact that Obamacare has had, and Republican elected officials would rather people die as a result of not having insurance than give government any role in the private healthcare markets.

The Republican Party does not care about what is good for the American people. In fact, they have become what they had professed to hate — Washington insiders dictating to the people what “they” think the people want. Regardless of what Ayn Rand’s biggest fan Paul Ryan believes, people don’t actually hate government as much as him; folks are more pragmatic than your average anti-government ideologue. Even after decades in Washington, the House Speaker still has not learned that the hand that feeds is the hand that leads, and making health insurance more expensive for families is going to make it tangibly more difficult for parents to feed their children in a future where the AHCA is law. Republican congressmen and women are putting the interests of Republican voters before the welfare of the American people and we should shame them for that.

Health insurance is a matter of life and death for some and their obituaries will begin populating newspapers if AHCA is passed. Anyone who votes to repeal Obamacare and to replace it with a law cutting coverage will be held responsible. While Rod Blum may not have had any part in little Timmy getting cancer, Rod will be at least partially responsible for how Timmy lives or dies if he votes to take away Timmy’s health insurance.

During the campaign, President Trump was fond of characterizing America as a country with blood running in the streets. Soon, he might just get what he wished for, and American blood will be on Republican hands.

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Dallas Knapp is an opinion columnist for The Lorian.

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