Now is the time for defiance

There is no hope today, no clear recourse of where we go from here. We have been cast into the wilderness and now enter a winter, which promises to be one of discontent. The election left us with two overwhelming feelings: those of fear and failure. We failed our forefathers in this election. We failed to uphold the dignity of the presidency, we failed all those who gave their lives and left us to ensure the stability and growth of the republic.

I’ve tried not to think about the election a great deal in the past few days; like a toothache in a back molar, there is a part of me that thinks tomorrow it may go away. But it has now become abundantly clear that no amount of denial will put off the root canal that is the presidency of Donald Trump.

I have always held President Obama in a near venerable state. I was one of his earliest supporters when he ran for president, so I remember well those days after the election of ‘08. The protesters took to the streets, lynching him in effigy, openly calling for his assassination. I was struck in the past few days by the protests which have occurred across the country and their uncanny resemblance to those which took place eight years ago. Liberals refusing to accept the results, chanting “Not my president.”

It troubled me. Both sides agreed to play by the same rules. Surely partisan feeling must now yield to patriotism and all should wish our new president well. Then, I remembered. I remembered what he said about John McCain in the POW camp. I remembered what he said about Captain Kahn and his gold star parents. I remembered what he said about sexually assaulting women and how easy it was. I remembered when he grouped an entire race of people into rapists and murders. I remembered when he promised to ban a religion. And then I could no longer wish him well.

Donald Trump is not the president of all Americans; to say so would be to say he represents the values of the American people, and this he does not. Donald Trump is a fascist, whose favorite hobby is undoubtedly his morning gaze in the mirror. He is an autocratic thug who befriends dictators and belittles statesmen. While women-hating, gay-bashing, racist politicians have become the norm of right wing politics, Donald Trump is something far worse. He has no morals, values or political ideals. He openly threatens the freedoms of the press, speech and assembly. His rallies, which call for the incarceration of political opponents, are reminiscent of those held at Nuremberg.

We have to accept the results of the election, but we need not accept him. We are not forced to stand by while he expels those who seek only the chance at a better life. We are not forced to allow the racism that he preached to become the norm of our society. We are not forced to accept the division which he seeks to impose on our way of life. We must choose to continue on the path first forged by our founders, upholding that foundational creed that all are equal, that all have rights. The cause of all Americans is clear and true: Every ounce of our voice, every stroke of our pen, every fiber of our being must be in defiance.

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