New year, new you

by Lou Stein

Welcome to the start of a new school year. As the semester gets underway it can be easy to get caught up in how different campus is looking: from the renovations in Keane, to all the new faces you see on your way to class. You may be at the beginning of an exciting new life as a college student or preparing for an early graduation in December. No matter where you may be in this transitory period, allow me to offer comfort in the knowledge that I will remain as I was: offering unsolicited advice and sharing my completely biased opinion. And it is in this opinion that I offer my first nuggets of wisdom of the 2018-19 academic year. Reader, let this fresh start be a time when you can re-evaluate the choices you make, the direction you’re heading, and who you are.

Make the most of this new epoch by getting adventurous with your style. Always wanted to try bangs? Now’s your chance. Have a goth phase, wear pant-suits, get a prominent and permanent tattoo. Go out and experiment with your self-expression while you’re young and there are absolutely no consequences.

Don’t just start over with what you show the world, show yourself something new too. Go outside, and to art museums. Listen to new music. Trust me, your roommate will love it when you start listening to electric-synth vapor-pop at full volume- you’re introducing them to culture. Read new books, discover authors that perfectly describe your experiences, and then hunt them down for knowing too much about those experiences.

Now is also the time to take up new hobbies. Classes will soon be taking up all of your free time with projects and presentations, so before you get stuck in the library this semester, break the mold and teach yourself woodworking or how to cook rare, expensive meats. This is your annual reminder that you can learn so much outside of the classroom if you only have the courage and humility to try new things. New things like alt-right propaganda, waterboarding, or yoga.

The point is, there has never been a better time to try to do or be new things. Don’t let fear or expectations keep you from being who you’ve always needed to be. If that means shedding your human-flesh suit to reveal your true homo-reptilian form, then so be it.

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