New Hampshire Primary narrows race further

This past week, the New Hampshire Primary took place. This was the first primary vote after the Iowa Caucuses to take place this election season. Following the Iowa Caucuses, several candidates dropped out, finishing well below those on top.

The Saturday before the NH Primary another Republican Debate took place. While it seemed the debate would be the same old banter between Trump and the other front-runners, it took a different turn when Governor Chris Christie began taking swipes at Marco Rubio, who placed third in Iowa. Christie felt that the public needed to know who they were voting for, so he continued to dig at Rubio for saying similar lines several times throughout the debate.

While this effort seemed important at the time, Christie received critical backlash online for attacking one of the few candidates that has the ability to pull together many in the party, including college students. While Christie believed that this would help his campaign, he finished low in the primary vote and changed his scheduled plan to travel to South Carolina to head back to New Jersey, where he later announced he was dropping out.

Rubio placed fifth in New Hampshire and felt that his debate performance was to blame. He gave a speech following the results and said outright that this was not on his supporters; the results were because of his poor debate showing and he said that it will never happen again. While only time will tell, Rubio’s performance in the debate on February 13th was strong, showing a better side of a strong contender.

Carly Fiorina, former Hewlett-Packard CEO, also suspended her campaign following the primary. Jim Gilmore also dropped out of the race. Most in Iowa didn’t know who Jim Gilmore was because he said that he had chosen to focus on New Hampshire, feeling that it was much more important than Iowa.

The Republican field continues to narrow and with national conventions and the general election nearing closer every day, it is becoming more imperative that the candidates stop arguing amongst themselves and targeting one another. While there is yet to be a strong consensus among Republican voters, it is more important than ever that they come together and vote Republican in the fall in order to win back the White House.

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