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Many college students struggle when it comes to saving money. It is the first time in our lives when our parents are not in control of our finances — aka FREEDOM! At least that’s the original thought…then second semester of our first year comes around, and everyone is broke. In order to avoid the Freshman Fifteen (dollars left in your bank account), here are a few ways to save some cash.

1. Stop ordering pizzas at 1 a.m. To kill those late night cravings, drink water. It will fill you up, and is probably what your body needs if you are ordering a pizza at 1 a.m. anyway.

2. Online shopping. Don’t start. Once you do, you won’t be able to stop. Trust me, I’ve done it and I regret it. Not only are you spending money irresponsibly, but it’s hard to make returns if you order the wrong item.

3. Check your savings and checking account balances often. If they shock and somewhat depress you, good. It will keep you in line. Constantly keeping an eye on this is crucial to staying on top of your finances.

4. Don’t constantly ask your parents for money. It is the beginning of a bad habit. You are an adult and adults make and save their own money. Your parents can’t enable you forever. Cut it off now before you are addicted!

5. Fifth, and finally, don’t buy stuff for your friends just because you are feeling generous. I do this all the time. Even if they say they will pay you back, no matter how great the friend is, they probably will forget. Until you have a steady career, the only mouth you should be feeding daily is your own.

So those are just a few ways to prevent yourself from getting into mountains of unnecessary debt before the age of 22. Good luck, Duhawks.

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