Loras should detach itself from the agenda of Dubuque County Right to Life

Dubuque County Right to Life (DCRTL) uses the Church to further its political agenda. Its disgusting tactics of fear, guilt and suppression of women’s rights are a scourge on the Church and any institution who associates itself with it.

The Church believes that all life is sacred from an unborn fetus, to the Guatemalan immigrant, to the murderer on the death row. It seeks to uphold the simple teaching that all people are endowed with dignity.

DCRTL does not believe this. It picks and chooses who has dignity and who does not. It seems many of the same people who pound the pulpit in defense of life on Sunday are the very ones who demand that immigrants be kept out on Monday. Those who damn women to hell for making one the most difficult decisions of their life are the same ones who refuse to give Syrian children refuge from war.

This is an organization which goes into Catholic schools and lectures fourth graders on the horrors of abortion, systematically instilling fear in children. The organization spent years protesting the Planned Parenthood in Dubuque, trying to intimidate and demean women from accessing the free clinic, which many of them desperately needed for basic medical help.

Defending life is an honorable thing to do. Cloaking your political agenda in the cloth of the Church is not. There is not a single event on the agenda for “Pro-Life Week” at Loras dedicated to anything except the eradication of abortion. Not helping immigrants, not ending the death penalty, not helping young mothers. Like it or not, abortion is a right, guaranteed by the Constitution of the U.S.

I am immensely proud to be associated with Loras College, but when it affiliates itself with an organization that is nothing more than an arm of conservative politics it troubles me. Loras should be in the business of upholding the teachings of Jesus Christ, but abortion was not one of them. Christ stopped the jeering crowd from stoning the sinful woman. What Christ meant by defending life was welcoming strangers, feeding the hungry and helping the sick, not harassing teenage girls, brainwashing children or shutting down free clinics for poor and vulnerable women. It is beneath an honorable academic institution to associate itself with such an organization.

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