Let’s get spooky: It’s finally October

It’s time to start getting serious, people. One of the most important holidays is upon us at the end of this month: All Hallows’ Eve, the infamous college holiday. For those of you joining us this year, welcome and prepare yourself. For those of you that will be celebrating your last Halloween in college, let’s go out with a bang. In the past 21 years of life, I have developed a changing opinion of Halloween, but I have finally settled on the real reasons this holiday is so faBOOlous.

Let’s start with the basics: That glorious fall weather. Initially it may seem a bit chilly, but if you are huddled inside an overcrowded college house, with no real form of air conditioning, then taking a step outside feels like Mother Nature’s gift. She blows that wind right through your hair, under your armpits, and against your face. Not to mention the leaves falling all around you. It’s overwhelmingly aesthetic, you know it’s true.

Besides the beautiful October temperatures, there comes the additional activities that are typically associated with fall in Iowa. For instance, pumpkin patches and apple orchards are fun outdoor activities that give you the opportunity to bring out that flannel on days other than Fridays, and head to the great outdoors with significant others, friends or family. Enjoy picking out pumpkins to carve, apple cider donuts to eat, or just to appreciate the many photoshoots that will inevitably be taking place by novice photographers looking to flood your Instagram feed. There are plenty of these places located close to Dubuque if you are interested.

And then, the fabulous month of October culminates in one of the best holidays in existence: Halloween. Halloween is loved by many, but despised by some. But to those that do not enjoy taking part, I ask: What do you have against fun and free candy? Or a general feeling of merriment and ridiculous scary movies? There’s so much to love about this holiday, that continues to remain fun even as we get older, which is definitely not true for all of the holidays that we celebrate.

Then comes the creativity … or lack thereof. Halloween is a time to show your originality. You can dress as reigning cats and dogs, as a queen with a cape that has stuffed animal cats and dogs on it, or three-hole punch Jim. You have total freedom to dress as whatever you desire. And if you just want to be a sexy nurse, or a sexy police officer, or a sexy coffee pot, it doesn’t matter. Because Halloween is a time to be as crazy or muted as you want, and not a single person can say anything about it. Because you aren’t the one who dressed up as Olaf to a party that’s approximately 234 degrees.

On top of that is the escape from reality. Having one night to be anything but the stressed-out, worn-out and sleep-deprived college students that we all are, is what I consider an excellent escape. Spend time finding a character, object, random fact or event, because you are always going to remember your best costumes.

Enjoy the perks of Halloween, especially as a college student. Take advantage of free candy when it’s offered, and make sure to attend the Halloween lunch that the Caf hosts each year; they have some great things to offer.

It’s one great night, or weekend, filled with shenanigans and ridiculousness. Overall, I hope you can take away the fact that without Halloween, the world would be a less mysterious place and our editor-in-chief and my roommate Cassandra Busch would never get a year older. That’s the most important reason to love Halloween. Remember to wish her some Haps Birth.

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