Is Clinton a champion for women? I think not

Is Clinton a champion for women? I think not

During the 2016 election, then candidate Hillary Clinton espoused many women’s causes, including the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace. Doing so, she seemed like a champion for women in comparison to the less than stellar reputation of then candidate and now president, Donald Trump. Which is why it is so incredibly infuriating that this same candidate did next to nothing to address sexual harassment within her own 2008 campaign.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Clinton was advised to fire then Senior Advisor, Burns Strider, by her campaign manager due to his repeated harassment of a female aide within the campaign according to the New York Times. Strider reportedly caressed the victim’s shoulders and sent suggestive emails to the aide according to Newsweek. However, the woman who wanted to be the first female president did not fire Strider, but instead docked his pay for several weeks and required him to receive counseling, and then proceeded to move the victim of his harassment to a new job, effectively allowing the harasser to keep his job while removing the victim from hers. What is even more disturbing is the fact that this harasser was her faith advisor, he was the one in her campaign who was quoting scripture. Last time I checked, being religious does not make a person above ethics and law, it should be a motivator to uphold said ethics instead. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be a concern for Mrs. Clinton.

Years later, Strider was hired by an independent group known as “Correct the Record”, which supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Again, Strider faced problems with female co-workers, allegedly harassing another female aide. This time, the independent group did what Hillary Clinton, the so-called pro-women presidential candidate didn’t do in her 2008 campaign. They fired Strider within months of Strider’s tenure at “Correct the Record.” It is more than unacceptable that the so-called ‘pro-woman’ candidate for president did nothing when women needed her to uphold her moral code. It is the height of hypocrisy to call out Trump for his harassment of women, but to be complicit when said behavior is in your own backyard. This does not excuse Trump’s behavior, make no mistake, but what it does indicate is that Hillary is not the protective champion of women that many see her as. She’s Machiavellian, supporting what serves her best and only her. Democrats may go after Trump for his behavior, this writer will cheer them on and join them in that endeavor, but that does not mean Hillary’s own sins should be ignored or forced under the rug. Hillary may be an experienced public service woman, but she is not a  champion of her fellow women.

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Conor J. Kelly is the Opinion Editor for the Lorian. He is a Staff Writer, and Political Science and History major.

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