‘I wanna hold all of their hands’

“The Beatles are overrated.” That is the most ridiculous, unreasonable lie I have ever heard. First of all, my overwhelmingly high opinion of John, Paul, George and Ringo stems from actually researching and reading, not from simply listening to their greatest hits.

The Beatles, like any great band, was diverse and ever-changing. At the very opening of their fame and success the group was equivalent to the early Justin Bieber, surrounded by screaming fans which in reality were mainly young girls. If you were to go back and watch any of their movies, “A Hard Day’s Night,” for example, you can see girls who literally look like they are screaming bloody murder. The insane fandom of the Beatles progressed just as their music did.

In the mid-’60s, George Harrison was introduced to the world of Buddhism. With the development of his religious spirituality, he incorporated it into their music. He learned how to play the sitar from a professional and used it in several of their tracks. Some examples are ‘Norwegian Wood,” “Love You To” and “Within You Without You.” These are not their “greatest hits”, but in my opinion the best songs by the Beatles are the hidden gems.

John Lennon, the creator of the group, not by name, but by concept, can be thanked for hits such as “Strawberry Fields Forever,” “In My Life,” “Happiness is a Warm Gun” and “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away.” He’s written dozens more, but these are some of the most popular. So not only did he conceptualize the group, but he also contributed great music and lyrics.

Ringo, what can I say about the lovely Richard Starkey? Well, as one of the most underrated Beatles, first I need to point out his dedication to the band. During the first studio session, the producers brought in another drummer because Ringo didn’t have the skill. Instead of giving up, Ringo worked on his technique and came back as better drummer and still the quirkiest guy out there. Not to mention his only song, “Octopus’s Garden,” which I believe to be one of the best and weirdest of their many, many tunes.

Finally, Paul, I always have an issue complimenting Paul because I think he receives most of the credit, but he was definitely the most well-received of the Beatles. He was charming and dedicated to the band until the end. The only reason the Beatles put out “Abbey Road,” their best album, and “Let it Be” was because of Paul.

Many people like to blame the breaking up of the band on John and Yoko, but if the proper research is done, it is clear that they all wanted out of the band, except, poor little Paul. The Beatles went on for as long as they could, but by the end of their career, fandom had gotten so out of control that death threats were flying around. This is something people don’t think about when they think of the Beatles. Not only were they being threatened, but Charles Manson was inspired by the song “Helter Skelter”, feeling that it was calling him to murder. The end of the career was necessary.

Now, if all of the Beatles were still alive today, I would pay big bucks to be at their reunion tour, but until John and George can be brought back from the dead, I’ve always got Spotify.

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