‘I Thirst’

As Christ hung on the cross and suffered for all of our sins, what most people remember Him saying is, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do,” but what is standing out to me this week is when He says, “I thirst.” If we are to be Christ-like then we, too, should thirst. Christ says He is thirsty not because he literally wants water, but because He is thirsting for us. Christ thirsts for our love, our freedom, and our salvation.

God wants us to love Him. He made us in His image and likeness. He made us to both love and be loved, and He made us to be His beloved and have Him be ours. God loves us so much that He doesn’t want to force us to love Him in return. We are supposed to love God, but we are not forced to. God gives us free will for this reason. God wants us to love Him, but He gives us that choice. When people ask why an all-knowing, all-loving, all-mighty God would allow humans to choose our destiny and to do wrong, the answer is found in that He loves us. He thirsts for our love, and as such, He desires that it be sincere.

This ties to the second point – God wants us to be free. While we are given free will and the option to decide our destiny, we can find true freedom only in following God’s will. By caving to the temptation of sin, we sacrifice our freedom and become enslaved to our sinfulness, but God is always waiting and allowing us to receive redemption. God desires freedom for us, and though sometimes His will is difficult to follow, it always brings us to our ultimate good. God gives us free will so we can fully love Him, but he also desires our freedom and gives us freedom by following His will.

Last but not least, God desires our salvation. He paid the ultimate price for us on the cross by purchasing our salvation. “The price of sin is death,” and Christ took that death on for us. God became man and in doing so, poured out on us salvation, freedom and love, asking only that we return some of that to Him.

Christ thirsts for us, but do we thirst for Him? My challenge for this week is that you find an area to invite God into your life, so as to let Him know that you thirst for Him. Thirst for the God that purchased your salvation. This is a double-dog-dare, Duhawks.

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