I am not deplorable: Refrain from making generalizations about Trump supporters

This past week, Hillary Clinton made a comment about Trump supporters being deplorable. She referred to people who support Trump as racists, bigots, sexists, etc. While I am not surprised Clinton believes those things about people, people she claims to want to lead and help, I am amazed that she would blatantly disrespect so many people in this country. How dare someone who is running for the highest office in the country say that its people are deplorable? No one deserves that kind of treatment from anyone. I am not deplorable. I am not someone who can be written off by a candidate for the presidency. I am not going to allow someone to say that people who support Donald Trump are deplorable and don’t deserve respect.

The comment has been compared to Mitt Romney’s 47 percent comment, in which he was filmed discussing that roughly half the country wouldn’t be voting for him. While Romney was correct in his statement (based on numbers of registered voters), the comment was another hit at him for discrediting half the country. Hillary Clinton has done the same thing with those voting for Donald Trump in saying they are deplorable. Although she is the Democratic nominee for president, she shouldn’t be discrediting anyone in America; no matter what their political affiliation, they are the people who live in this country regardless of who is leading it.

Clinton later attempted to apologize for her comment, but she also proceeded to say she was only apologizing for saying “half.” In this context, she still feels that certain citizens of the country deserve to be written off as “unworthy” Americans. I know there are some in this country that I disagree with, and I know there are people who say terrible things, but I will always fight for their right to say what they wish. I will never let a group of people be disrespected and called deplorable, especially not by someone running for president of the United States. I may not always agree with what my candidate has said, but I would take an off-the-cuff remark from Trump over a lie or disrespectful comment from Clinton any day.

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