Hold up those marriages

DUBUQUE — Did you know that marriages are the strongest factor in reducing child poverty? An article done by the Heritage Foundation explains “children in married families are 82 percent less likely to be poor than children of single parents.”

Also, children with married parents tend to have better test scores, healthier relationships, etc. If one wanted to take the time they could easily list off the advantages of children who are brought up in married families.

Now as an American citizen I am very concerned for the increasing numbers of single parents in the United States. It is not right that they should have the burden, stress, or responsibility which should be share between two people. What I find especially concerning is the fact that some believe that throwing money at the problem will solve it. In 2011 about $330 billion dollars in welfare was given out to single parents for cash, food, housing, clothing, social services, and medical care. The results show little to no impact on decreasing the percentage for those in poverty and the number of single parents. That is because our governing body is not looking at the source of this issue.

The issue is that many of these single parents did not regard the importance of healthy marriages before having a child. So how do we solve this issue? The Heritage Foundation solution is that “First, government and culture must clearly communicate the critical importance of marriage to reducing future poverty and other social ills. Second, youth at risk of becoming unwed parents deserve knowledge and skills to prepare them for the task of bearing and raising children. Third, welfare should be changed to encourage rather than penalize marriage, as the current system does.”

So next time you are on Facebook, or some form of social media, think about how you can promote marriage. We can all do our part by supporting celebrities, heroes, and elected officials who have shown a strong support for healthy marriages.

Lastly, please be thoughtful about this as you look towards marriage in the future and when you go to vote. May God bless healthy marriages, and may God bless America.

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