Here’s the problem I see with texting …

A few decades ago, people wrote letters, made phone calls and spoke to the people sitting across from them at the dinner table. It was some earth-shattering stuff, people. But, the world is a changing place, and technology has taken over. It has done some amazing things in the world of science, media, writing, mathematics and so on.

On the other hand, it has also provided us with unnecessary shortcuts. One of the most prominent being in communication with SMS or text messaging. I, for one, wish those romantic parts of society hadn’t disappeared. And by romance I’m not talking about red roses or candles. I’m referring to meaningfulness and words from the heart.

I’m not saying that I’m protesting smartphones or text messaging or social media in general. I’m an active member of society and a millennial, so I use my phone just as much as the next person. My point is that I wish we could all take a step back from being sucked into the black hole of technology and write a casual letter to someone without it being dramatic. What happened to the romanticism of a letter or phone call? Why do we sit in a room with people and not say any words as if our voice box had been momentarily removed. I mean let’s be real people, what’s more interesting: snapchat stories or an actual story being told in person? And if your answer is snapchat, there is no hope for you. I will say there are some pretty boring people out there who definitely find ways to make themselves look better by using social media, so kudos for creativity. As for those of you with real personalities and ideas, don’t hide behind the ding of your phone or your followers on twitter.

Speaking of creativity, as much as I love the acronyms created by our generation, and you may recognize some (brb, gtg, lol, omg, and dtf), I prefer to spell out words. Maybe that’s the English major in me, but I prefer to think it’s the evolved human. I get that texting is quick and efficient, but it’s not as if we are in a constant rush.

So I want to challenge you Duhawks. If it’s your mom’s birthday, send her a letter, or if the 47 cents for a stamp is too far out of your price range, just call her up. Trust me it means more than “HBD Mom.” If it’s your anniversary, get a freaking card or a piece of paper or a notecard and write “Happy anniversary. I appreciate you” on it.

Texts might be easier, but we receive them all the time, so for the bigger moments and the important things, say it better. Say it bigger with actions and your voice. It’s much more impressive. THX.

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